Photography On Low End Homes

September 05, 2007 Jason Bennett

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Photography on Low End Homes

"When people are searching for homes, they search by price range, location, bed and bath. But then once they have the list, the visual piece becomes a larger and more important part of the decision," said Jani Strand, spokeswoman for Redfin. "Photos are the first impression, and can generate interest and excitement, which leads to good offers."

Professional shots make sense even for low-end properties. The days of lacklustre photos snapped by realtors may be numbered. Despite digital cameras, a growing number of real-estate agents are hiring professional photographers to showcase properties. The professional photos make the home look appealing, like something the buyer might want to see. If the home looks cheap and worn down in the photos, buyers will assume the house is also. The photos are not meant to sell the house, but get the buyer in the door.

Blurry photos of dark rooms, open-lid toilets and fridge doors littered with kids' drawings and ladybug magnets just don't cut it.

"Even if the property doesn't have good curb appeal, the pictures of the interior will get buyers in the door."


  1. Jessi Hance says:

    I was surprised when I got the photos back on my 1000 sqft 3 bedroom rancher that was a previous rental. The house looked so much better in the photos than it did in real life. I had a realtor call and say that she was disappointed that the home was not in the same condition as it appeared in the photos, but her clients bought the house anyway, because they could see it's potential.

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