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Preparing For The Photoshoot

Preparing for picture day can be stressful. The most important thing is you want the home to look larger than the competition, prettier than the neighbors, and welcoming to the buyer. Before I arrive, please make sure the front yard is clean and the all the lights are on in the home. Take a few minutes to open the curtains and straighten the miniblinds. Read more of this post for a detailed list of things to do to "stage" your home for the best photos.

What Exactly Is HDR Photography

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. LDR stands for Low Dynamic Range. HDR basically means that the camera captures more color and exposure ranges than a LDR or regular photo would. It makes colors brighter and more vibrant. Imagine a regular photo as a 16 box of crayons and HDR photos as a 64 box of crayons. How many more shades of a color can you create with the larger box? Same idea here. If you are still unable to decide whether to get HDR or LDR photos, then read this full article before deciding.